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Apple sold 300,000 iPads over the past weekend. This neat little device lets you read books, play games, read newspapers, do computer work, surf the web, email, look up maps, store a calendar, take notes, place a YouTube video, and watch movies. I am sure I left a few features out, but you get the idea. All this in a book-size tablet that's about nine inches by five inches.

With this new high-tech device, many people will be clamoring for it. In fact, your bowling center could give one away and reap the benefits of an increased database, more lineage and hopefully more profit...especially as we push into the warmer months.

Set up an email campaign that offers an iPad as 1st-place prize to anybody who comes into the center and bowls during your cosmic bowling or weekday night bowling event. Entries must be completely filled out including email; employees and family members are not eligible; and only one iPad will be given out after 30 days. You can include other prizes as well like iTunes gift cards for $25, $10 and $5.

Point is: use your existing database. If you can segment it against an under-35 audience, all the better. Maybe even place a Facebook ad (go back and re-read my blog on how to set it up). You can do this for as little as $50 a day for a couple of days a week for four weeks. (Use keywords like electronics, Apple computers, iPads, web, etc.)

Yes the iPad is $499, but that's a small price to pay to be the coolest bowling center in town. Just ask my daughter and her boyfriend. They're "20 somethings" and it was their brainstorm.

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