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As summer unveils its landscape of green grass, sunny skies and the lure
of vacation time, we know that our business cycle is turning down.

People just don't want to be indoors that much.

Thus, the market for bowing is diminished, sometimes by as much as 75%, as
compared to our up cycle (December to April).

For those fewer consumers who want to bowl, we must have captivating
offers that resonate with them; offers that make them say, "Wow, that's for me".

But here's where the problem starts. In a rush to get whatever market
share we can, we all too often rush to discount our price or promote programs
with less value.

Often we give the product away just to build futures.
And that's OK...for a while.

But, the real question you have to answer; the question that is at the
heart of every great marketing program is this:

"Why, out of all the ways to spend my money, my hard earned money, should
I choose your bowling center as a place to spend my money vs. ALL of the
options I have. Why? Give me one good reason."

If all you can come up with is better service, friendly people, more
modern, cheaper prices, you might have a start; but NOT a finish.

Today's consumers want to feel like your business stands for something.

Are you a member of the community?

Do you tell people that your business gives back to the community?

Do you sponsor any special events in town?

Do you promote your center as the home of (i.e.); high school bowling,
family fun and quality time, the happiest place in town, greatest cosmic
show on earth, etc?

Now, while these are just examples, I am sure you can think of several
answers to the thorny question I posed above.

If you don't clearly differentiate yourself from your competition, then
all the information the customer has to make a buying decision on is price and
he will therefore gravitate to the closest, lowest priced center.

And that is a recipe for declining lineage, revenue and profits.

Spend some sitting and staring time today thinking about it

Because your customer is thinking about it ...allot!

Send this to some of your proprietor friends and see what they think?

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