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Are You Using Facebook as Your Own TV Channel?

 What’s the value of a Facebook fan?

A new report from Forrester Research© addressed this question and very
simply found out that for such brands as best Buy, Wal mart, Coca Cola and
Blackberry, being a Facebook fan boots purchase, consideration and

Think of it this way, your Facebook page is your TV station. It is your
chance to broadcast your message; to interact with your customer, to
entertain them and engage them.  NOT just to sell them.

Think about contests, rewards, games and anything else you can do to build
upon a relationship with them

With back to school around the corner, you should be putting information
out about how to save money when shopping for back to school supplies,
kids’ safety, and any number of back to school subjects readily available
for reviewing on the internet.

Be relevant, be needed and your sales will increase among your Facebook
fans.  More importantly, you'll have your own TV channel to broadcast your
message and continually engage your customer, all the while building a

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