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I met my past tonight, along with 36,598 other Baby Boomers at Madison Square Garden, who loved every minute of the James Taylor and Carol King Concert.

Utterly amazed at the turn out, (I heard they were sold out for 3 nights!) I observed these Boomers in full stride shell out a minimum of $100 for 3 hours of music that reminded them of their youth and wondered, of course, how we could get them to bowl.

After all, there are 72 million of them, roughly one out of four people in the USA and they want what everybody else wants. FUN. And whats more fun than bowling?

Couldn't we set up a retro bowl night, especially in the summer, from 8p to 11p on a Saturday night and play 70's music, decorate the center with old record album covers hanging from the ceiling, have a dance contest, take special requests and award prizes for the best 70's outfit (bell bottoms and all), for correct answers to trivia and for a "crazy" bowling contest? We know how to do this. And with our databases, email tools, Craig's List and Facebook ammo, we can communicate this offer WELL. We could even use direct mail 4-color oversize postcards to people 44 to 59 in our market. Check with PKGRAPHICS.COM in Florida. They can turn a postcard around in about 48 hours with great creative and great professionalism. They're relatively inexpensive too!

We could go to churches, synagogues, temples and create fundraisers for them. We could sell tickets for $10 or $15 for 3 hours of bowling and shoe rental and then let the religious institutions sell them for an additional $5 or $10, which would go back to the fundraiser organization. They'll buy food and beverage and even play some arcade games.

This is the generation that never wants to get old
. And bowling, like Carol King and James Taylor, reminds them of their youth.

And bowling is a lot cheaper than Botox!

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