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The old Rod Stewart song is one of my favorite songs and as I was flying
back from Bowl Expo in Reno on an 11 hour flight, (courtesy of US Air) I
found myself listing some of the things that amazed me; some good and some
not so good.

I am amazed at:

    The amounts of money America’s companies spend on “customer service and
   customer retention training” to watch how it fails, almost always, in
   real life pressure situations.

    How some people just seem to get it right; who seem to "get it" and
   really want to give the customer what he wants and absolutely requires
   that his employees deliver it.

     How we go to great seminars and listen as experts offer attendees
   consul, experience and advice and yet few attendees actually follow up
   with any real action that resulted from the seminar they just proclaimed

    The levels of noise people make about how their business is doing
   poorly and when offered help, almost always say: “we tried
   that-it doesn't work.”

    How many business people I meet see these times as challenging,
   exciting, even empowering and look forward to competing every day in a
   most tumultuous environment while others just sit idly by and play
   victim.  Find more friends in the former group than the latter group.

    The cost of not doing a project thoroughly, from research and
   development to beta testing and roll out, rather than just “winging it
   on gut.”

    The level of intensity some people have "to make it” even if they have
   to “fake it” for a while.

    People I know who have driven themselves to economic success, then lost
   it all and have come right back and achieved success again. (And
   sometimes again and again). These “Never Give Up” types must be
   descendants from Winston Churchill’s spiritual soul.

    The amount of time we spend never getting out of the office to go sell
   something or worse, to not have a plan on what, who and how to sell.

    How grateful some folks are that you helped them, offered them a seat
   on a bus, helped with getting their luggage into the overhead or even
   held a door open while others can’t even be bothered to acknowledge your
   consideration. What’s wrong with these people?  Probably everything!

     How often people look at their existing business models and then do
   nothing to change it; those who do – after a thorough analysis- are
   usually pleased and also a little scared of the change.  If
   they weren't they wouldn't be human.

    The fear we have of making the wrong decision; so NO decision is always
   better. Doing something, I believe, is always better than doing nothing
   or faking doing something.

     How much we too often worry what other people think about our “public”
   persona and how little time we spend on balancing our inner self so
   these worries become meaningless.

     How some people just do the “A” work as frequently as they can, while
   others are content with doing the “B and C” work. Which ones do you
   think are more successful?

    The people from whom I have learned how to be a better person, husband,
   father and business person – in that order.

    How some people still brag that they don’t get "the whole internet
   thing” and leave that up to someone else.  That’s like leaving your
   breathing up to someone else.

    How the busiest people I know always have time to help, assist and
   speak to you.

    How we sometimes forget to thank, whatever source of spirituality we
   believe in, for our families, for our health and for the food we eat.
   If you are one of those who are thankful every day, ignore this.

    How we proclaim “it’s all about the numbers” when it’s really all about
   the people who create the numbers – good and bad.

    The fact that I could write a blog like this.

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