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What Makes an Ad Bad?

Bad ads are intrusive.

Used to be that adverting theory said that intrusion is good. Not anymore. Consumers won't stand for it. They want information when they want it. Do you think that TV advertising has been declining for any other reason than the growth of the internet? It is the internet that let's people CHOOSE.

And choice is the operative word in today's marketing. Giving people a choice is what we need to do to market our products.

Where you draw the line is up to you -- but we feel that an ad meeting any one of the following criteria qualifies as intrusive:

1. You can't turn it off. You can close a magazine and turn off the television, but you can't avoid spam.

2. It enters your home without permission. Pardon me, Mr. Telemarketer, may I see your invitation?

3. You're a captive audience. This can be in schools, in movie theaters, at a urinal, or waiting for your receipt at the ATM.

4. It doesn't support anything, or it costs you money. Radio ads support free programming, but you pay, directly or indirectly, for faxed ads and junk e-mail.

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