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Bailouts, bankruptcy, foreclosures, unemployment.

The news just doesn't seem to get better. In fact, it seems that it is
getting worse. But even among the dozens of proprietors we see each month,
these are a those that are going against the trend and actually showing

What are they doing that you may not be doing?

Here are some examples:

"I have had a salesman out in Fort Worth since July. Today we got Citi
Insurance group with 70 women to bowl at 1PM and pizza and soda, they were
whopping and hollering and having fun. Team building, they drank like fish
from the bar. Tomorrow 70 more will come and 40 more Friday. Our holiday
parties look great. Last weekend we had the best weekend since we purchased
the center. We are working on live bands two nights a week at 10PM. First
night we did $2400 in the bar. Also we started two leagues on the weekend.
It is out there for the getting:-)"
J. Brooks, Texas

"Since we have started our Rewards Card Program, I have seen people coming
in more. They like the idea of CASH BACK REWARDS. They also love it when we
do drawings. I go out and get other businesses to donate prizes, like 30
day memberships to a gym, a free medium. pizza.

This week end I invited a Chiropractic office in to do FREE 10 minute
chair massages. The customers loved it! I had people coming up to me and
asking when the next drawing was going to be. They did not want to leave if
the drawing was going to be soon. I gave FREE games of bowling away as
prizes. In order to get the FREE games they had to have our Rewards Card
and they had to activate it. We gave out lots of cards.

People will be back because they are going to want to use their FREE games!
So, what's our new product? The customer is our new product. We reward
them. Do fun things. Give them things for doing what we want. You want free
games, sign up for a rewards card. You want to win that prize, stick around
a little longer for your chance to win. (Three people I talked to stuck
around for the drawing. Two out of the three went to the snack bar and
spent around $20.00 each.)

We make them feel special by sending our top 100 customers an e-mail flier
telling them how happy we are that they are our customer. Bring this flier
in and we will load an extra $5.00 on your rewards card. These are some of
the things we are doing and we are seeing results.
D. Nichols, KS

To make it in this competitive environment, you not only have to be better
than ever, but you have to be overwhelmingly different enough to get the
consumer to make a purchase decision. So what are you doing differently?

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Comment by Lee Allen on November 24, 2010 at 7:21am
See ! That's creative thinking that many just don't do.You MUST try to be creative in todays market to get your share of revenue! Just opening the doors and NOT offering anything will get you closed up over time.
You don't have to give the place away,you just need to TRY to be inventive. I love your idea's,too bad some owners just don't want to be bothered with incentives etc, can generate a good revenue.If owners would just ask the paying customer what they might like to see added,etc.

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