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I hope if not every member of Bowl Canada at least 85% will get on board with the January program slated "Bowl For Cancer".  Ed Sousa from Classic Bowl came up with this idea and ran it in his centre January 2011 and has been kind enough to share it with the rest of Canada for us to get on board as a group.

Paul Oliviera has the info to email you if you have overlooked it. 

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Comment by Rob McNaughton on July 27, 2011 at 8:57am

Bryan, we need the entire industry to step up and get involved with full support and participation. Ed Sousa and Classic Bowl have given us a tremendous opportunity to become involved with an outstanding organization.

The Knockdown Cancer promotion is not only a very worthy charity event but from a business standpoint it aligns bowling with an organization that has broad appeal and following by women.

As we all should know, the woman in the household is the decision maker of the family. She is the one who makes the plans and purchasing decisions for the family. It will be the woman of the family that decides whether or not bowling is a good family outling;she will decide whether or not a child's birthday party will be a bowling birthday party; she makes the decision to have her children join a junior/youth bowling league; she makes the decision whether or not to join an adult league with her spouse.

Aligning bowling with the family decision maker and a great charity can be a tremendous boost for bowling.

The industry should embrace this opportunity and "hit the ground running."

Rather than hoping every Bowl Canada member takes part, I would rather challenge the industry to follow Ed Sousa and Classic Bowl's lead in support of this worthy endevour. We all know or have heard of people afflicted with this disease. It affects entire family and friends lives. Let's do our part to try to bring a solution for a cure to this devastating disease.

The information has been sent out to all member centers,please do not wait to sign it NOW!

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