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Facebook now gets 30 billion monthly page-views and has 400 million viewers. Facebook has more page views than Google. And Google is worried. That's because Facebook advertising is easier to use, more effective, costs less and is not subject to the "logarithmic changes " that Google makes every so often...just to shake up the search engines.

Imagine, Google afraid of Facebook?

That's like the movies being afraid when TV arrived. Then television being afraid of the movies because the movies put air conditioning in the theaters. And then television being afraid of "home movies" and then movies being afraid of all the digital channels that television added. Then television being afraid of TIVO, which dials out the commercials. And movies being afraid of television because people can now sit home and watch
today's TV without commercials.

It's called competition. And it makes us better.

Because if we didn't have competition, we would probably get complacent and our products and services would dumb down to the lowest common denominator...just ripe for a new competitor to swoop in and quickly take our market share.

Now, what would you do if Disney built a bowling center in your back yard? What would you do to make them "afraid" of you?

Why wait until a new competitor arrives?
Why not make a prospective competitor VERY afraid right now?

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Comment by Phil Ontko on March 19, 2010 at 8:18am
Very well said!

Phillip Ontko

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