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We get caught up in doing the little tasks; in doing the routine mundane
things that make our day disappear. We call it work.  We even say we “put
out fires.”  We say we’re a small business and we have to do it all
because we can’t afford more payroll hours. Or we can’t find good “help.”

The reality is if we look deep enough, the only time we do the real work
of acquiring and retaining customers is when we have to; in the fall and
the summer and now even in January.

Otherwise we count the money, empty the vending machines, inventory the
bar and food (maybe), make work schedules, call people to come in when
others can’t, check the facilities, pay bills, work the desk, chase pins,
work the bar, open and close the place and then go home and say “we’re

Sure you are.  No question about it.  Doing little tasks takes time and
energy and a lot of sweat.

But doing the little tasks are killing your business.

Hire someone to do the little repetitive tasks, even if you have to tap
your brother in law for a loan to do it. That will give you more time to
do the work, the really big work, of building your business.

And  after all, what’s more important than that?

Anybody can count the beans, but only you can make the beans.

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Two thumbs up :)

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