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Zig Ziglar, the world’s greatest salesman tells the story about traveling
on a plane and sitting next to a “good ole boy.” He noticed that the man
had his wedding ring on the wrong finger. Zig, always conversational,
turned to the man and said, “Excuse me friend, but I noticed that you wear
your wedding ring on the wrong finger.  Why do you do that?  The man looked
over at Zig and said, “Yeah, I married the wrong woman!!”

As sad as going after people who have no interest in buying your product.

But there is a segment out there that could have a BIG interest in buying
your product.

For example:
       ·         They account for 49% of all sales
       ·         Over 50% are on Facebook
       ·         There are more of them than the entire population of the

       Follow this link to get a great picture of who is this customer.

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