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Bowling at almost a century old!

             Bowling at 98… WOW! Pete Parsons celebrated his birthday with a 204 game. Not bad for a 98-year-old! Age is just a number to Parsons as “he shrugged off both his age and his 204 game,” according to an LA Times news article by Bob Pool. While he has been bowling for 40 years and then some, Parsons wife still says he should take bowling lessons at some point.
            It is quite remarkable how a man in his nineties had sixty-six people attend his birthday event while I could barely assemble ten people to my 22nd birthday celebration. It made me realize the long-term benefits of being in a bowling league. Two years shy of being a century old, Pete Parsons is surrounded by people of all ages, excitedly partaking in the celebration of his birth. How many people can boast being that popular? Thanks to his bowling league at AMF Bowling Squares Lanes, he has added blessings in his life, which only adds to how the benefits of being part of a league.

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