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In 1990's there was big boom of bowling in China. Over 20,000 lanes were built in less than 5 years. But unfortunately it was followed by a 10 years closing of centers and very few new centers were built during this period.

But now we have seen a turning point. In Shanghai city alone, 4 centers have been built since last year.

Longmarch Comsmopolitan Bowling Center is one of them. It has 12 glow lanes, bumpers, flat overhead monitors, and sofa for bowlers. Smoking is not permitted in the center - First non-smoking bowling center in China. Since its opening in May this year, it has attracted many people to come and bowl, especially kids and families. ( visit the website: )

I believe bowling is coming back here in China and more centers will be built in the coming years. Bowling centers can do very well in China. I will try to explain more why I have come to this conclusion later.

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Comment by Frank Ningbo Zhao on December 23, 2009 at 7:55pm
Hi, Scott,
You did a terrific job creating this website for the global bowling community.
Economy here is still growing and bowling is coming back though not at the same speed. What has been happening here is perhaps kind of repeat of bowling in Japan when 120,000 lanes were built in a very short time then dropping to 20,000 lanes to its bottom, later slowly coming back to 30,000 lanes nowadays.
In my opinion the concepts of FEC and Lucky Strike are what bowling centers here should go with at this stage. My center is to some extent my experiment. You are welcome to visit me and my facilities, any time. The image of your standing with me in my warehouse in the winter of 2004 is printed deep in my mind. It was a lot encouragement to me and my colleagues when Longmarch just started. Actually these years you have always been marching along with us Longmarchers, to this I am so grateful, my friend. Merrry Christmas to you and your family, all the best! Frank
Comment by scott frager on December 22, 2009 at 9:08am

So glad to see you on IBI Online. What a perfect way to share with the industry what's going on in the world's largest and, to me, most fascinating economy! I can't wait to hear about your center, your customers and the overall bowling market in China. While I love the photos of happy customers on your site, I can't wait to visit you and your center in person! It's been way to long. Thanks! Scott

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