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Bowling is easy...just roll the ball and knock over the pens!

"Roll the ball and knock over the pens. That's all I have to do." I keep telling myself that. My hands are sweating, my heart rate increases, my knees start to shake! I make my approach...bring the ball back..and release. "Please, don't go to the gutter!" I say to myself. There it's heading straight to the gutter!!! "Why can't I get this ball to just go straight down the center?" I know people are watching me. I know what they must be saying," Her husband is the manager of this place and she can't even get her score to 100. What a disgrace!"

I'm trying! If I'm going to work in this Industry, I need to learn how to bowl! I decided to talk with some of the customers in that day. I asked them if they bowled on a league or if they were a casual bowler? Most of our customers are casual bowlers. Then I asked if they thought they were good at bowling? Most said no. I then wanted to find out how many times a year they bowled? Most said once or twice a year. Then, I asked the question I was afraid to ask, When you do bowl, do you bowl here? The answer was not always. I hate it when I hear that! Another question. Do you enjoy bowling? I already knew the answer to that question, no.

If I am going to increase customer loyalty, I have to figure out a way to help these casual bowlers, including myself, fall in love with the sport. I can give out CASH BACK REWARDS all day long and these "Casual Bowlers" are still only going to come in once or twice a year. Incred-A-Bowl does not offer lessons. That is something that is going to have to change. My next hurdle, how do I get these people excited about taking lessons? I'm not talking about young people. I'm talking about people my age, adults. You can't teach an old dog new tricks, or can you? I am about to find out!

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Comment by Patty Heath on October 28, 2010 at 4:02pm
It is never easy starting something new. I think learning "how to" bowl if only on a casual scale takes the trepidation out of approaching the lane. I understand your angst. Please keep us informed of how you are doing and Yes! you can teach an old dog new tricks...if you want to.

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