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Create Your Own Push/Pull “Mini-Social Network” Or How to Compete and Win Online in 2011!

Five building blocks to creating your own market area mini-social network in 2011

Why is this important? This is where the customers are!

First, what do I mean by “push/pull mini-social media network? I mean when you have these 5 building blocks in place, working around the clock for your business you will be able to “push” information out more quickly to customers and prospects in a more targeted relevant and timely fashion. At the same time, you will be able to “pull” in more orders from more customers. When you combine the “buzz” creating power of Facebook, Twitter, eNewsletters and even your listing on this website, with the real-time 24/7 “book & buy” options provided by an online "book & buy system you will have an unprecedented opportunity to convert more "social buzz” into more “sales” at a lower cost, faster and more effectively.

1. Facebook – With over 500 million users, many of them in your market area, already using Facebook it makes sense for your business  to be on Facebook too. Create more buzz in your area by developing your “friend” network with customers, local businesses and groups and others for higher visibility and more online networking. Then "link" your Facebook page to your online lane or party reservation system and offer your visitors the easy options they prefer. Here's an example of a bowling center doing this already - Ashwaubenon Bowling Alley

2. Twitter – Businesses are using Twitter for real-time information delivery to very targeted audiences – their own followers! Have a daily special? – send a Tweet. Offering a new service? – send a Tweet, have some lanes to fill? - send a Tweet. Grow your follower list and increase your results with short, timely, informative Tweets directing viewers back to your online "book & buy" system for instant order processing.

3. Your Website – As the first stop for information, your website plays a central role in helping you be found and setting the critical first-impression of your business.  To help Google, Bing and Yahoo find you in 2011 work on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and to make a good first impression work on appearance, content and graphics for a pleasing, information rich experience. Most importantly, connect your website and various pages on it, to your online book & buy system to increase your conversion rate (number of online visitors who become customers). After all, a website without real-time online services is like a door without a doorknob. Your online book & buy system is the key that turns your website into an online profit center. Here's an example of a bowling center doing this now - Let's Party At Gable House Bowl!

4. Email Marketing – a growth area for any business is collecting email addresses then offering a weekly or monthly eNewsletters with instant offers and actions available from within the body of your eNewsletters. For example readers could be offered the opportunity to “click here to join our birthday club”, or “click here to book a party”, or “click here to reserve a lane”.  When your eNewsletter includes opportunities for readers to take action, more of them will.(We recommend Constant Contact - click here for details)

5. An Online "Book & Buy" System– now that you have your mini-social media network lead-generating machine in place funnel all that energy into a real-time, 24/7 “book & buy” system! In the world of social media instant action is essential; nothing kills the sales process like directing online visitors, hungry for action, to voicemail and we all know how popular voicemail is!  Oh, one more point - you'll sell a lot more add-ons too!

Best of luck in 2011.

Let's Get This Party Started!

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