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For most of us, we define ourselves by our limitations.

For the Steve Jobs types of the world, they define themselves by their
dreams and aspirations.

Have we fallen into a pattern of limiting ourselves?

Is getting to “even to last year” good enough?  Is having 50 more bowlers
a success?

Or is getting to 90% of capacity what you dream about?

Is doing $1900 on a Saturday night and beating last year by $150 a good
(limiting) goal

Or is having 29 out of 32 lanes filled, kicking off $200 per lane per
night your dream?

Do we view open play as another "price cut" program or have
we positioned it as a "unique experience" that deserves and warrants a
better price?

Is it limitations you want? Or dreams?

Recreate or reinvent or reinvigorate or revolutionize and then release the
dream you once had.

Start now. With this new season.

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