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Does Your Greatest Strength Stop You?

When I was young, my Russian-Polish- Yiddish speaking Grandmother who
escaped from the ovens during WWII used to talk about the war and what
happened to her. She would scare the heck out of me with her
stories, sometimes resulting in nightmares.

She would always finish her stories with one saying: "Remember always,
Fred, she would whisper, as you go through life, your greatest strength is
your greatest weakness."   It was her way of saying to me that i should
never to be too haughty or egotistical, like the people who believed in the
supremacy of one race in WW II.

As the years went by, these words took on new meanings.

What I realized she was saying was to be careful of being blinded by your
weaknesses because you have your strengths. The same drives that could
propel me to success were also weaknesses that could bring me down. In my
younger days, my great belief in my abilities and strength of knowing what
to do often times blinded me to accept other opinions, especially if they
were different from mine. Thank goodness I figured that out early in my

More than ever as I look at our business I realize how true her words were.

I visited a client recently who demonstrated this. This large center was
very operationally and "numbers" oriented.  So much so that good marketing
programs that THEY thought of were often killed because they couldn't make
the program fit their operational model. Thus, their business went slowly
south, but their operational controls were to be envied!!

Their greatest strength was their greatest weakness!!

So today I am giving you a homework assignment.  You don't have to formally
do it, of course; but maybe think about it as you drive, listen to music or
are just sitting around.

What are your business' greatest strengths?  Are they also its greatest
weaknesses?  And more importantly what will you do to make your strengths
less of a weakness?

Let me know what you find out.  Thank you.

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