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Enter the "Strange Zone" and Improve Your Business

Earlier today I posted on Facebook a little ditty about getting into your
“strange zone”.              By strange zone I do not mean weird, freaky or
far out zone, I mean "different", or "new", almost a “discomfort zone” if
you will.

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It seems to me that, as I visit centers around the country, one overriding
characteristic of successful centers and their owners or managers stands

That is the characteristic of getting out of their comfort zone (CZ).  Now
supposedly we all work and work and work just so we can live in a little
more comfort, have a few more niceties and feel comfortable. That’s built
into our DNA. We all want that.

But we all don’t want is to have our zone change, to get out of that
comfort zone. And that’s the point; our comfort zones HOLD US back!! In
this zone, things are predictable; we’re happy to stay there.
Unfortunately, in this zone, learning, progress and innovation tend to
stop. Change in this zone doesn't happen. We just say “NO” to any proposed
change or look for reasons why something new won’t work.

We NEED the “strange zone”.  We need the place where the forest is dark;
where the path sort of ends; and where the waters get murky. We need to
understand that by putting ourselves in a strange zone, we will take our
business and our lives to a higher level

So how do you get comfortable being “DIS-comfortable”?

Here are four ways that might help you get comfy and cozy in the land of
the strange:

1.   It isn't about success vs. failure. It’s about not viewing it as an
either or
         situation because if you do, you’ll never move out of the CZ.
Some failure can
         be expected, but out of that “trying, eventually will come
success. Understand that
         ALL results are good and learning comes from experience

2.    In the land of the “strange, everything is new and maybe a little
         Whether you like it or not, vagueness, fuzziness is omnipresent.
Get used to it and
         don’t panic; it will get clear soon.

3.   Have you been smoking your own tabaccy? If you stay inside your
       you’ll lose perspective; your vision will get dimmed and you will
        “settle for the easiest result.” DON’T DO IT. This is a
prescription for failure.
         Keep challenging your own perspective; reach out and ask other
people business
         people what they see. Read different kinds of books or go to
different kinds of
         movies or go someplace you’ve never been before right in your home
town area.

4.   Fall on your face and smile. The fear of failure (or sometimes of
success) stops us
         from doing anything. Sometimes looking stupid or making a mistake
is the best thing
         that can happen to us, because it gives us a new perspective; a
perspective that
         we couldn't get just by sitting in our office in our bowling
center in our town.

So for 2013, challenge yourself to gain a new perspective, to take some
chances and not be married to “there’s only one way to do this task"

OR the real killer mantra, “WE’VE ALWAYS DONE IT THAT WAY!

For 2013, be a little strange…and enjoy!

Fred Kaplowitz can be reached @ 516 359 4874 or

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