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Ray was in our Royal Pin office this afternoon before his bowling lesson at Woodland. So we decided to have my first lesson when I got off work today.

Again, I went to the bowling center front counter and got my rented shoes. Then walked the concourse to pick out my house balls. This time I moved up to a 10 and 12 lb. I went bowling with a friend last week and decided 8 is way too light if I want to knock any pins down.

Ray was finishing his first lesson with Billy, an experienced bowler that is wanting to improve his game and learn a few tricks. We had one hour before the leagues start their practice time.

I threw a couple frames while Ray watched my form. Right off, of course, he notices that I start on the wrong foot. Holy Cow, that's why I could never understand how people swept their back leg across. I never looked like the Pros in the bowling tournaments!

It was so fun to work with Ray. In just about 10 minutes into my bowling lesson I started to feel a lot more confident. Ray was proud of himself and me and smiled and laughed a lot. He is the kind of coach I like to work with. At least now I understand what I was doing wrong.

We had to cut the lesson a little short due to leagues coming in so we headed to the pro shop. I picked out a pair of shoes for my own. After all, I can't really blog for Royal Pin and continue to rent shoes.

Ray gives free lessons one night a week at each of our 4 centers. Ray Muir and Dave Snell also do personal lessons for an hourly rate.The idea is to get new "open" bowlers as well as people who feel better about bowling to join (more) leagues. We're also collecting emails from people who sign up.

We have a spot on our website for Bowling Lessons, but I just decided tonight how to update it.

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Comment by Daleena Nichols on November 16, 2010 at 8:01am
Glad your first lesson went well. I have been so busy, I have not had time to work in lessons from my husband. He use to be a PBA bowler. Looks like my lessons will have to wait until we get settled into our new home. Mike is taking a job in S. Korea, managing a bowling center on a base. I will be leaving my current position at the end of the month. I am going to work as an Independent Customer Loyalty Expert, with the Customer Loyalty Company, we do the Bowling Rewards through. I will be able to help businesses on the base as well as off the base, (once I learn the language.) develop customer loyalty programs, by using a rewards card. I'm excited because I will still get to do what I do here, I'll just now be representing the customer loyalty company and will be able to branch out to other businesses besides bowling.

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