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Five Can't Miss Ways to Get FREE Press

Free Publicity is the cheapest way to build awareness of your center.  But
the right publicity can generate leads, and build credibility as a source
of information that can be trusted. And we all know how important trust is
these days.

The secret to success is to be sure you're telling a story that's worth
The best publicity draws on one of a handful of tried-and-true themes.
Newsworthy stories have something that hits you as a reader and that rises
above "just the facts."

Here are five can't-fail angles that the media loves:

1. Underdog. Do you have a David versus Goliath story to tell? Everybody
loves an underdog: You were small and the odds against you were great, but
you took on the big guys and won!  If play this card, you might attract
more attention than you ever thought you could.  Can you describe how your
center was founded and the odds it overcame to being successful and how
many (i.e.) birthday parties, families you have served in the community as
well as how many kids you have taught “a lifetime sport?”

2. Superman. Do you have "first, fastest, brightest" story to tell? You
don't have to be faster than a speeding bullet or more powerful than a
locomotive, but it would help. If you've got a truly unique story -- you're
the first, or the biggest, or the strongest, or the loudest -- then you
have a certifiably newsworthy story.  You’re the first to introduce short
season leagues, the first to develop a “learn to bowl coaching program”.
You’re the first to offer birthday party Moms valet parking (get the idea.
3. Cinderella. Do you have a rags-to-riches story to tell? Stories about
the GWOG (Guy Working Out of Garage) who strikes it rich always command
public interest. Late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs may represent the
quintessential example of the small entrepreneur rising to greatness, but
there are countless other examples.  How did you start the business? Is
yours a rags to riches story that you can share?

4. Dear Abby. Do you have a "free advice" story to tell? You can't beat
free counsel for
building trust. Brainstorm the best tips you have to offer customers in
your industry. That is the basis for an interesting article.  Sure you can
offer advice on how to have a dynamite corporate party, fund raiser or
birthday party as well as the secret to great service.  Talk about your
involvement with the community and how Veterans use bowling for
rehabilitation. Check with BVL to get some facts, first!

 5. Scientist. Do you a story based on hard facts and figures? You can
assert all you want, but numbers make it real. Research -- real,
proprietary research carried out by you and featuring your own data -- can
be a great way to get attention. Conducting a survey works just fine.
How about publishing all the data you can find about bowling and its health
related benefits for everyone, but especially for seniors and for people
who can only do limited exercise?  See Veterans above

Once you've got a newsworthy story, get the word out via public relations
services such as PR Newswire and Business Newswire. Or check out the many
free press release sites that offer to distribute your information.  Check
out this site for a list of these services:

These sites will also help you to get your press release into a
professional form.  Now go out there and get some FREE press :)

Thank You for reading this. What do you think? What are your comments?
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Good luck and good hunting.

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