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Here's our first sign up for a Super Bowl advertising campaign
"Count me in for my share of total lane beds.  BPAA / USBC  (or USBC
Membership - cost is less than $3 per member)  should tally total number of
member / divided into $3.1 million  What is the cost per lane bed?  $25-30
bucks per lane bed??   BOOM! Put together an awesome 30 second spot,
showing every age group interacting and enjoying the interaction.
We must not continue to be invisible and irrelevant to the masses.
Tom Hebbe
Blue River Bowl
Shelbyville, Indiana.
I got it Tom, but if we could cut that per lane bed contribution in half
and then count on some of the industry sponsors, maybe our dollars would
work even harder.
I also received comments from Jamie Brooks and Rob McNaughton
expressing interest, but also concern about how to raise money, especially
among those proprietors who are not members. "It's a hard road, you are
going down, Fred", they both said, although not in so many words but I got
Well if I got out of the South Bronx tenement I was born in, any road after
that doesn't look so hard.  But that's me.
Good Luck and Good Hunting.

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