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Do you expect ONE email to bring you hundreds of new customers for whatever
event it is your promoting?


Heck, ONE doesn't even buy you one awareness note!!!  I know i have said
this before, but i need to repeat it to get you to remember it. That's what
this whole deal is about...and NO there is not a specific number of times
you need to say something to get people to remember.

It depend son the offer.  See, if i send you just ONE notice form the IRS
you're going to remember that allot more than the 6 deals I sent you for a
free pizza during Cosmic Bowl, Right?  You betcha!

Fred's Marketing Rule of Repetition states: "You must build familiarity
then credibility and, then when you send your offer, it becomes

Please remember while you may think about bowling every waking minute, your
prospect probably doesn't even have you on his radar screen or even on the
top of his consciousness. (But that's our fault as an industry and a whole
other topic).

Here are some other things you are up against:

     * Your prospect are bombarded with many other offers.  Maybe bombarded
    is to soft; how about "Atomically Bombarded"?

      * Your prospects have not yet made a decision in your favor.
Some prospects need more time to make a decision, thus the longer they
         procrastinate the less your offer stays with them.

      * The timing of your offer may be bad for a particular prospect.  You
offered this great deal on Saturday days, but this prospect works on
   Saturdays this month.  Next month she is off.  Will you send it again?

And that's my morning marketing rant...for today :)

What do you think?

Fred Kaplowitz can be reached @ 516 359 4874 or

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