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Every now and then I get caught up in the technology

of the times or sometimes the technology of the times catches me up

For several hours, last night and early this AM, the technology caught up
with me, slapped me around and said, "here on top of the other gazillion
things you have to do, deal with the fact that when you type the letters in
the words, they seem to move to a new line."

I hadn't been under the influence of any known social stimulants nor was I
imbibing in alcoholic frivolity. I was as sober as a judge. Well, maybe the
Diet Pepsi got me a little wired, but...

It was hard enough explaining it to me, let alone to some dude in Mumbai
who was trying his hardest to help me and I should say, eventually did,
some three hours later.  It wasn't that we were speaking different
languages or it was difficult to understand each other's dialects, it was
just hard to understand what exactly, precisely and specifically each of us
as individuals wanted at THAT moment!!

Kind of like what happens with some proprietors and their customers and/or

For many of us, we want what we want.

"No we don't want short season leagues and we don't want two game formats.
And we don't want all these "gimmicks" (as I have heard them called) we
have to do to get people into our center."

The customer says, "But I want all those things and more and I want it
quick and I don't want to pay allot for it, AND
I want it beautiful and modern and clean and I want your staff to treat
me like a King or a Queen EVERY TIME I come there, no if ands or buts

I feel your pain, man.

But in the age of instant communications and people being able to remotely
fix my computer at 2:30AM from Mumbai India, well, it is far easier for
your customer to get what he/she wants somewhere else than not get it at
your center.

So if they want, what you may call, "gimmicks, think about this, please.

Its not a gimmick if it satisfies customers wants.
Its not a gimmick if it creates more value
Its not a gimmick if it creates new customers.
Its not a gimmick if it creates more frequent visits.

You know what this is called?

Its called "success." And success comes from being able to capitalize on

You could look it up.

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