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Gas in Southern California is $4.89 a gallon, maybe higher today.

In NYC, gas is $4.29. No doubt in your city, town or village is high too.

According to the AAA, gas prices nationwide are up $1.20 a gallon since
one year ago.

Last time this happened. our business was affected. People need to eat,
pay the rent, buy clothes and fill up their cars to get to work, school and
pick up the kids.

Bowling is not going to be high on their list of discretionary spending.
Neither are movies or other recreational/entertainment options they don't
HAVE to have.

Let's get going and start our digital campaign of "affordable fun is close
to home" start sending emails and post on your Facebook page using this as
your campaign theme.

Overlay special offers and be sure to say that "Happy Lanes gives you more
miles per gallon of fun".

And then cap it all off by offering the opportunity to win $25 to $100 gas
cards. Run that sweepstakes on your face book page, "Win up to $100 in
gasoline" just for Bowling at Happy Lanes" available during School Easter

Promote your family bowling specials (Pizza, Pins n Pepsi) and your
daytime kids specials (Bowl up to two hours for $X.XX and get a FREE Pepsi, or
FREE pizza, or FREE fries).

Don't keep your center in idle.

Get out there and gas up your promotions!!

Got another idea?

Let us know and we'll post it on this blog.

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