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"Got 'em looking." Derek Jeter just struck out in game #2 of the ALCS. How often do we get struck out just looking, waiting for that perfect pitch, for that magic bullet of a promotion that will make our open play soar or make our new league offer a success?

Too frequently.

Why are there no proprietor groups doing joint marketing? Why is there no industry marketing fund to subsidize proprietor initiatives? It seems to me that in these times, more cooperation (not less) is needed. Oh sure, the Cincinnati group does their radio have-a-ball program in January and has done so for years. And I understand the California proprietors have a new advertising initiative in place.

But what about everyone else?

When do we realize that the old rule of investing 3% (or less) in marketing/advertising/promotion/direct mail/Internet marketing is woefully inadequate and that more dollars, not less, are needed in a MORE competitive entertainment environment?

Sure it's expensive. Sure it hurts to write the check. But it will hurt a lot less now then having to write a check later out of YOUR PERSONAL checking account to cover your summer!

How long are we going to "go out looking"?

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