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             Holler House, established in 1908, is not only known for housing the oldest certified lanes in America, which are housed in the basement of the bar, but also for the regalia of bras hanging from the ceiling of the bar. How cool is that?! Apparently, a Milwaukee city inspector did not think so when he declared the dangling undergarments a fire hazard. He broke Holler House’s 45-year tradition when he demanded Marcy Skowronski, owner of the historic Milwaukee bowling alley and bar, to take the bras down.

            This unique tradition of hanging bras on the ceiling began when Skowronski and her friends had a few drinks and threw their bras onto skis hanging from the bar's ceiling. Throughout the years, they have collected dozens of bras, of all sizes and colors, even replacing old bras with new ones on the bar's 100th anniversary five years ago. Ever so often, these bras even get signed and dated.

            According to an article in the Associated Press, taking the bras down brought so much frustration to Skowronski, she called a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel columnist, hoping publicity would help. Within a day of her alderman, Bob Donovan, making some calls, the city backed down. According to Donovan, they are “going to have a rehang the bras party” and perhaps charge at the door. Any money they are able to bring in will go to “buying a little common sense for the Department of Neighborhood Services."

            I am a woman. Hear me roar.

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