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If the goal of marketing is to create sales, then your marketing must
create positive perceptions about your center. So really,what people say or
think about your business or product offering is the chasm that must be
bridged before any new sales can occur!

Try this exercise. Present your new idea or product to a group of people,
maybe to your employees. Then, afterwards, speak to each employee
individually. You will be amazed at what they heard. It will probably be
different from what you said. Sometimes, very different.

Unfortunately, people don't listen well, especially to details. They hear
what they want to hear. They interpret, what they heard, in a very
different fashion from what you said. Just because they are "people" and
that's how they are wired.

All too often a proprietor will send out ONE direct mail piece or use the
newspaper for ONE advertisement. Or run ONE week of electronic media (Radio
or TV) only to conclude that the program didn't work when in reality, it
was the infrequency of message that brought the program to its knees.

When in doubt, speak to your audience as often as you can afford. Say it
frequently and then say it again. More often than not, its the frequency of
message, and NOT the product.

Moral of the story: You can never tell your prospect too often about your
business, your product or your idea. Never.

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