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Congrats to Airway Lanes (Waterford, MI) on landing a Birthday Party sale 2 days after their Merchant Coupons were delivered to their market. The coupon user stated that she had been looking for a birthday party venue and when she saw the coupon with its "10% OFF" birthday party offer, she called the toll-free phone number on the coupon and was connected with the center where she booked a date for that weekend.

The center is able to track each call made from the coupon using the toll-free tracking number that is included as a part of the program. Each time the number is dialed the center owner/manager gets a report showing call date, time, call length and Caller ID.

Our success depends on good results AND on our centers being able to identify the New Bowler visit revenue and Birthday/Corporate party bookings that are generated from their Merchant Coupons.

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