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Seth Godin, in one of his recent blogs was talking about starting projects
and getting stuff done.  His main point was:“Not enough people believe they
are capable of productive initiative.”

And that’s kind of a sad conclusion that he comes to and while I deeply
respect my hero, Seth, I kind of disagree with him. I think people
sometimes believe they are more capable than they actually are; if not why
do so many restaurants fail? Why do so many new products fail?

Maybe it’s because so many people get into new products or new services or
new businesses without really doing their homework and planning their
plan.  In fact, they all too often will answer questions about the business
with such hackneyed expressions as: “That’s a no brainer” or “Oh, I can do
that, it's a slam dunk.” Or worse, “Easy, it's a done deal.”

Yikes. What is happening here?

Are our egos so frail that we cannot admit that we can’t say what we don’t
know nor can we even ask for assistance? No, in some instances we would
rather go down with the ship then ask for help… or directions.
If you are capable of productive initiative and have covered as many bases
as you can and feel confident, then go do it.

But if you’re not, at least ask for directions.

Or you can always call me. That’s what I do. Help provide input, direction
and planning expertise.

What do you think?

Fred Kaplowitz can be reached @ 516 359 4874 or

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