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I have spent some time this week working with clients via my "eyeball to
eyeball service"  It's either a phone conference or Skype meeting for an
hour or two per week and its working pretty well.  That's not the point of
this blog. Selling you something never has been.  The point is: everywhere
I turn, new clients are telling me, emailing me, Skyping me that their open
play, to be blunt, "just sucks" and in fact "there is no predictability to
it."  In some instances, rainy Saturday nights are worse than cool calm and
clear Saturday nights.

What gives?

If we tear apart some old assumptions (which I love to do as you know)
maybe we can find the answers.

Assumption #1:  "Warmer weather kills open play and with all
the competition out there and things to do, people don't want to go
Really, what about movies, eating out inside and playing video games,
watching Netflix movies.  So there goes that assumption. If people are
willing to stay indoors, then why won't they go bowling in the summer?
Answer:  Because they don't know about your offers and they have
other choices. Why aren't you a choice?

Assumption#2:  "No matter how you price it, you cant give it away in the
Really? The Kids Bowl Free Movement proved that isn't true. With more than
1.3 million Moms signing up over $1.8 million kids, almost 1,000 bowling
proprietors will tell you that just isn't the case.  So there goes that

Assumption#3 "Summer bowlers are basically winter bowlers and they just
can't afford it."
Really?  Its been shown that if you offer OPEN play
bowlers the opportunity to bowl in 6 or 8 or 10 week programs and get them
a  bowling ball in the process, you will be able to convert a fair
percentage of them IMMEDIATELY to another 6,8 or 10 week session.  So there
goes that assumption.

Assumption#4  "Customers only want cheap pricing. That's the only way they
will bowl."
Really? Then why is open play down given all the low pricing out there?
Reality is IF NOBODY knows what you are offering, who is going to take
advantage of your offer. And if you think you can do it just on email
alone, you are dead wrong. Less than 15% of all emails are opened. And with
over 250 billion emails being sent a day, 200 billion are found to be spam.
And did you know that GM just pulled out of Facebook and pulled back $10
million dollars worth of advertising to put it on cable TV?  How long will
you remain invisible and still blame "the product"?

Assumption #5  "People will only bowl in the summer when it rains."
Really?  Then how come company parties and fund raisers can be big in the
summer if you go after them with themes like "indoor picnics", donating $X
of the center's money towards a fund raiser or marketing  family reunion
parties or camp/field trip parties?

Tear the assumptions down. Build new paradigms for your center.  Test new
ideas. Look at other entertainment industries; what are they doing to
promote their business? Go get a blank sheet of paper. Start now. Please.

Thank You for reading this. What do you think? What are your comments?
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Good luck and good hunting.

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