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I’m what the industry calls an open bowler – someone who comes in on weekend nights after the leagues and bowls a few games once or twice a year. I call people like me a recreational bowler.

One of the things that keeps me from bowling is I’m not very good at it. As a teenager and in college my friends and I would go to the bowling alley and have a good time. But by the middle of the 3rd game I was just throwing the ball down the lane to get it over with. I have a competitive streak in me and pretty much only have fun if I’m at least within a competitive score.

As the marketing director of several Indianapolis bowling centers it’s my job to find more recreational bowlers like me and introduce them back into bowling. Royal Pin has a great Learn to Bowl program. I decided to promote the coaching lessons by taking them myself. I will blog about it the whole way through, including photos and videos.

Each week, or as we can set it up, I will be taking lessons from Ray Muir. He’ll show me how things are suppose to be done and give me custom one-on-one training. As part of his program Ray will video record my steps as I bowl and give tips on how to improve my game. At my level, he’ll also need to give me the basic rules of the game.

Between coaching lessons I’ll be bowling with my friend Chris Nelson. Chris use to bowl as a kid and teenager. I plan to catch up and pass him. We’ll end up having to give him some pointers by the time this is done.

Ray and Dave Snell coach at all levels. They’ll do group or personal training. Check out our site for more information.

Our coaching program is a great step to getting non bowlers to feel good about bowling. As Coach Snell says, its 90% mental, 10% talent.

Here are some photos and videos from our first evening - before lessons. (It'll take you to a new page, so if you want to come back to Bowling Industry hit open in new tab)

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