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As the holiday season approaches, maximizing party sales maybe a thought on many of your minds. Here are some tips that will help increase party sales

1. Reach out to people/groups/associations that have had parties with you in the past. Many of them may be receptive to joining you again. Now is a good time to get an early start on this important sales project. If you are not building a database with this historic information, now is a good time to begin.

2. Try Constant Contact or some other email system and build a list of corporate groups, churches, associations and clubs then email your party and holiday specials to them at least once per month. Doing this consistently is the key to building awareness and interest. For a 60-day free trial of Constant Contact, click here or paste this link in your browser search bar ->

3. Critical today is encouraging people responding to your outreach efforts an easy and effective way to take action when they are most interested in your offer - when they are on your website! Nothing can kill a sale faster then phone tag or forms that require people to sit and wait for a response. Here's an example of what one popular bowling center is doing - visit this site then follow the links to the Gable House Bowl Online Party Receptionist.
Take a look at the Customer Service Forms, particularly the one labeled "Group Events" go ahead and click on it to see the types of questions being asked. This is a great alternative for groups who, while not quite ready to book, are interested in getting in touch with you. These forms can be customized with all the pertinent questions you want answers to so when you call them back you know exactly what their interests are. This saves time, makes it easy on your prospects and makes your sales calls more productive.

4. Update your website with holiday party information, the more information the better. Use pictures and descriptive selling words...paint a word picture, make it easier for people to say yes!

5. Coupons are really popular these days as many are looking for a special deal. Consider offering a discount coupon or two to encourage action on specific packages you want to promote.

6. Start using Twitter. This is a very popular new way for small businesses to instantly connect with their customers/followers. Weekly "specials" and timely information is instantly sent to your followers. To follow me on Twitter, click here -

What ideas can you share for maximizing party sales this holiday season?

Let's Get This Party Started!

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Comment by George McAuliffe on October 10, 2009 at 9:45am
All good points, Larry. One of the major reasons the Bowling FEC concept is expanding is because it helps sell parties; corporate and family birthday, and group sales with camps and day cares. Traditional centers who modernize their game operations have more to offer.
Comment by scott frager on September 17, 2009 at 8:31pm
Good ideas. I can't of any center that has TOO many parties this holiday season.

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