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So you’re going to start bringing back some of the workers you laid off in late April and early April and expect them to do better work in the fall, right?

Most likely the people whom you will be hiring to do the “cog in the wheel" jobs are the kind of people who don’t mind being bossed around, being told what to do, and even how to do it.

These folks are just right to be micro-managed, abused and misused. Not that you would do that, of course, but if you did, they would still come to work. Basically, they are the kind of people with low self-esteem. So remember to hire them--if you want to conduct business as usual. Or “no” business, as usual.

On the other hand if you want to hire people who can give you great work, look for people who have not been beaten up and convinced that they are incapable of great work.

Do you really need people who say “yes” first and think second? Just because it is a minimum-wage job doesn't mean you need minimum thinkers.

Look for people who want to be better than average and who we can grow to be the kind of people you envy when you check into a Marriott.

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