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Oh where did the old school Mechanic go!!!!!

I have been in the Industry for a long time. And one thing that I have noticed in the past five years is that all the experience in the feild of mechanic has faded away. They are all retired or getting ready to do so. This is truly a young mans game. But oh how I miss the sure hands of a true full blown well trained mature mechanic. One that will with out doubt treat your center as if it was theirs. I believe those days are long gone. As the younger mechanics rise and they truly no alot more then the guys that paved the way for them. If you dont believe me just ask any of them they will tell you to your face with the upmost disrespect that they think you deserve. Yes I started out as a lane porter at AMF Triangle Bowl in Abilene Texas July 1987. As a youg and eager boy to learn as much as I could about the back end of my center I got the chance when the night mechanic called in sick. The head Mechanic at the time needed some help and when he came to get me I never knew at that moment my life changed forever. I was hooked. I have been on Jet Backs A"s A-2"s GS GSX - 8230's 8270's 8290's XL's XLI's even Shermans. Yes I have done it all Over a 21 year span there is not a whole lot that I have not seen. But sense I have crossed over to GM I sure do miss a good ole mechanic. I do most of the major repairs myself and depend very little out of the 4 young school mechanics I have at my center. So I cry out loud my friends if any of you know of a old school mechanic looking for work tell him or her not let there heart be troubled. For they will forever have a home at my center. Just drop by some time and have a cup of coffee and we can chew the fat about the old days. Just food for thought hope all is well and to all of you Happy Holidays!!!!!!!

Charles Soules

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Comment by Rodney Nichols on January 4, 2010 at 9:06am
Hello Charles,

It is unfortunate that there are no more old timers around, I have the privelage of working ewvery day with some of the best in the industry......... With the technology changes on the XLi's and the GSX's coming out of the gate with 5000 FPS on averagethe industry will probably never see the old school mechanics again..... Another reason is unfortunately a lot of proprietors do not understand that spending a little money to keep the machines of today and yesterday well maintained would save them 3 fold later on, they rather use the un-educated youngster to band aid the machines to death to the point where there FPS's are so bad they lose leagues.......not to mention there is a huge emphasis on open bolwing these days and the avergae joe coming in to bowl a game with the family or girlfriend dont care if the machine stops 4 times while they are there.

Its a shame but true.
Comment by Bill Walters on December 27, 2009 at 8:23pm
Charles, I have always stood up for the guys in the back. (having been one for over 35 years) You are correct in saying that the "old school" mechanics are fading out. They are retiring or moving to other industries where the pay and benefits are much better. They go so they can have weekends and holidays and evenings off, they go where they will not be treated as a second class citizen by most of their fellow employees and they go where their talent and experiance will be recognized. A sad state in the bowling industry it is, that the person responsible for everyones' paycheck is treated with such disrespect.
Comment by scott frager on December 22, 2009 at 9:03am
Well said, my friend!

I wonder what can be don to stem the tide? Our industry will always need well qualified mechanics. There has never been any formal recruitment efforts. I know of classes, but how many young adult, outside of bowling, really understand there CAN be a career within the bowling industry? With this job market, one would think that our doors would be swinging open with eager candidates. Good food for thought. Happy holidays to you too. Scott

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