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Late last night, after the dinner, the conversation turned to politics and
one of my Republican friends made the claim that under this
administration, the number of people living in “poverty” increased from 28
million to 45 million.

My other friend, a Democrat, indicated that this number was erroneous
because the government is only counting “cash payments” and not food
stamps, housing subsidies and other public assistance programs as part of
the income to households. Thus, he exclaimed, the number of people living
in “poverty” has really remained the same.

Do you think that either of these two guys, as a result of this
conversation, changed their opinions about who should be the next

Of course not!!

Analysis and presentation of facts rarely change the opinions of people we
are trying to persuade.  What does change people’s minds are stories that
the other side MAY be able to relate to and identify with.

(Embedded image moved to file: pic04939.jpg)When was the last time you
told a story about your bowling center or family entertainment center that
influenced people enough to want to bowl?  So few bowling centers tell
“marketing stories” on their Facebook page, their website or even in their
blog that it is silly.

Here is an opportunity that costs almost nothing and almost all we do is
use it these tools as a cheap form of putting out fliers and price
specials.  YIKES!!

Look at all the great things we do when it comes to fund raising, teaching
kids a lifetime sport, working to support veterans (BVL) as well as being
one of the most affordable forms of FAMILY entertainment.

But who knows this?  You, me and the lamppost!
And last time I checked, lamp posts didn’t have any money.

Slow down a little on all the price selling and speed up the telling.

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