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Overcoming the Fear of Online Marketing

We human beings do not like change.  We like things to be settled, organized and have systems in place that operate smoothly and without disturbance.  So, when we hear over and over again that we need to upgrade our websites, create a Face Book page, and market online some of us dig in our heels and refuse to acknowledge the facts.  We especially feel this way if we are not comfortable with computers, software, the internet or social media.

It is similar to learning a foreign language which can be frustrating and cause us to revert back to our native language at the first sign of confusion.  However, we also understand that life is in a constant state of transition.  We only need to look at our children or in some cases our grandchildren to see how life keeps evolving.  The younger parents and their children do not question the use of the internet in their daily life.  It in fact is a way of living in today’s world.   From searching for restaurant hours, museum showings, directions, booking a party, shopping, and almost anything you can think of…today’s consumers are online. 

So, if we are not as familiar or comfortable as this generation of internet users, what are we supposed to do?  What do we do when we know that we must change?  If we learn how to overcome our fears through education, then how do we educate ourselves? 

In today’s world we do not go to the library and check out a book and rarely do we even go to the bookstore.  However, both of these options are still available…for now.  The best way to start educating yourself is to jump onto the internet and start searching for articles, studies, or white papers than can help you understand what online marketing is all about and how critical it is for your business life today.  From each article or study you read or from each video you watch you will take away a few items to add to your education.  And, they all say about the same thing just in a different way.  Luckily if this is too overwhelming or if you do not have the staff in-house that can support these online marketing efforts you can outsource this service to companies who can do it for you.  However, once you become more educated and less fearful you will find that what once seemed so daunting is not really all that complicated.  It is just a new concept with new lingo.

Change is not necessarily comfortable however; it can be exciting and invigorating for us and our businesses.  We may not get it right the first time but, we also do not want the perfect to be the enemy of the good. 

Change begins one small step at a time; in the same way that all businesses get started.  It all starts with a vision, and then a plan is created.  Along the way changes are made because Plan A was not efficient.  Online marketing is not complicated.  To remain relevant, to spread your message, and to grow your business, now is the time to take that first step.  Have fun and enjoy the journey!





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