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Partywirks Online Booking & Sales System - THE 5 MOST FREQUENTLY REPORTED BENEFITS FOR YOUR PARTY & EVENT BUSINESS (as reported by actual party venue owners/managers/staff)

Fewer Errors!  Less Stress!
I used to cringe when I overheard incorrect information being given out to customers! With all the package descriptions, policies, procedures, pricing and details it's easy to slip up and give out the wrong information OR, write down the wrong information!

With Partywirks online processes everything is in writing and easy to read and the details have never been easier to document. This makes training new staff a breeze as well as customers are now better informed with fewer conflicts.

Partywirks Built-In Online Customer Service Forms Save A Ton Of Time!
I cannot believe how much staff time we spent answering routine questions about donations, handling calls for group information, fund raiser inquiries or sending follow-up information to everyone who applied for a job or bought a gift card.

Now, with Partywirks Online Customer Service forms the customers themselves answer our questions online and Partywirks software sends the complete follow up email! This has reduced the time staff spends on the phone while providing better, faster and more convenient service to our customers and prospects. For this reason alone I love what Partywirks has done for my business.   

More Add-On Sales, What A No-Brainer!
Can you hear it in a customers voice when you are going over the list of add-ons and they start getting edgy or impatient?  That's no fun for me or them.

People don't like to be sold over the phone but they do like to customize their party or event order. They do this most consistently, and at a much higher rate, when they have the time to look at color pictures and read complete descriptions of the add-on items online without pressure to make quick decisions.

Now we are selling more add-ons then we ever have which means the bottom line revenue per party is going up and that's why we are in business right?

Less Reliance On The Phone  
Yes, it is 2012. Online booking is not new for many. In fact people do like to do things for themselves.

Have you noticed the popularity of online services and self-service options everywhere from the bank to the grocery store or airline check-in kiosk?  My customers want the same thing and now I am giving it to them.

More Control!
I had thought I would be giving up control by offering online services but a surprising benefit is how much more control I have with Partywirks!

With everything online I can decide what and when, who and where. Customers get the information I want them to get, every time. It's more consistent and user friendly as well.

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