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This open play family program has been around awhile. I first ran it in 1992 when I was the VP marketing at Bowling Corporation of America. Its two hours of bowling, shoe rental, a large pizza and a pitcher of pop (soda, soft drink, Coke, Pepsi or whatever beverage you are serving) for a set price; range is between $39.95 and $79.95.

Since then I have twisted it up and created a league program called Party Animal, Pizza Bowl, or even Bowl n Boogie (for all you Texans out there). We have even pitched it to corporate America and sent letters to the HR people or emails if we had them.

While we all want to send an email, remmber only about 20% to 25% of all emails get opened--less if you are sending to a corporate account. Snail mail still works. As do postcards. And they should be used in conjunction with your website, Facebook ads, and electronic press distribution.

We called the corporate program a two-game "10 x 10 league." Summer is a good time to try this since you have more available inventory during first shift.

So here's the letter. Its simple, to the point and full of benefits about team-building. Use it, modify it or create an email blast out of it. The only thing you will have to do is insert a good testimonial from a credible source!

Or put it in a box with a $10 gift certificate and then mail out 100 of them to HR people. Enclose a keychain or a refrigerator magnet. WHY? Well, "lumpy" mail gets opened three times more than plain old mail.

Know why? Because it appeals to the "Cracker Jacks" kid in all of us.

Your Letterhead

Building Teamwork Has Never Been Easier and More Fun

In today’s ever-changing business world, the one constant that drives top-producing companies is people. Good people.

But sometimes good people get frustrated, discouraged and caught up in “putting out fires.”

That’s when they need a morale boost and some team-building fun.

And at (center name) we have developed just the thing to relive some stress and put the “Togetherness” back in the TEAM.

It’s our newest “10 weeks for $10 bucks program.” It’s a chance for your people to get together for one night a week for 10 sessions and bowl, eat a pizza and enjoy some beverages. All for just $10 per person per week.

Bowling is a fun way to get your people together, to socialize and discuss some business issues in a “no stress” environment. Best of all, almost any one can bowl. In fact, last year more Americans bowled (55 million) than played golf (25 million).

“We had the best team-building experience at (bowling center name). We have had
a tough year and over the course of the program I watched as our employees opened
up to each other and even talked some shop. Thanks, We will do this again.”
--Joe Employer, Any Company USA

To set up your own 10 x 10 bowling program, pleas e-mail me at ___________ and I will be happy to respond with some additional information and demonstrate how easy it is to set up.


Center name
Email address

P.S. This program does not have to be paid for by the company either. Many of your employees would gladly get involved in it if you just communicated its availability.

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