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The answer to the question, "what is the difference between your bowling
center and the guy down the street, is usually answered with, "...cleaner,
better service, more modern, etc."

But what if the other guy says the same thing?

Now, what is your center's real point if difference that you can
communicate to the consumer?

Here's some out of the box ideas that we hope will stimulate some thought:

*    Dress your people in real costumes; you know, like those in Disney
land or Space Rangers or Bowlers with funky old shirts, or all in

*    Valet park customers' cars.

*     Hire people who really care and pay them more than minimum wage. "You
get what you pay for."

*    Be known for having the biggest hot dogs, largest pizzas and biggest

*    Have magic shows, bring in live bands, do comedy shows. add more
entertainment value to your business.

*    Develop a mission statement that goes beyond the words; re brand
yourself honestly.

Be who your customer wants you to be. Make your point of difference more
than just "having the best special."
And you'll win...big time.

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