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RE: Undercover Boss - Lucky Strike's Steven Foster

Just watched a stream from of Undercover Boss featuring Lucky Strike's Steven Foster and was really moved.

Not sure what hit me so hard...his mother passing (a shared pain - I lost mine a few years ago when she was 58). Or maybe I saw the determination etched in his face from building a business. I have had to reconsider my performance for all past employers now that I own a business and see the imposing responsibility that awaits all who think they can captain the ship.

Ultimately what affected me most was that he is so sensitive. I never expected this CEO to meditate and get choked up so often. I figured a guy who could build a business beyond the initial idea would be ordering a couple of Dos Equis and swashbuckling his way around on a pair of Wheelies.

Sure, maybe he hammed it up for the camera - seemed genuine to me, and that's inspiring. Thanks for that Mr. Foster.

The episode is available here for free:

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