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I lost my cell phone today.

Not really lost it. It was found in a restaurant in Michigan. Fortunately,
a very kind and nice person (Mr. Jim Selke from Classic Lanes) is trying to
get to FED Ex as we speak to get me my phone by tomorrow.

I am sure that some of you have experienced the feeling of being suddenly
"phoneless" and completely unconnected. For almost 99% of my dear readers,
I expect that you count on your phone not just for business, but to
instantly stay connected with friends, families and, of course, to use the
myriad of applications that can inform, entertain and make us more
productive every waking moment of the day.

Without it, we are disconnected; disoriented and discombobulated.

At least that's how I feel right now.

Now if I look at this as a learning experience I can say that I have
learned that I need a beeper whenever my phone is more than 10 ft from me.
That's my first thing to buy. Secondly, I need to not try to be in three
places at once, (in a meeting, on the phone, on the computer).

I guess our customers feel some of this technology overload as well, but
yet they  probably also feel lost when they are involuntarily out of touch.
To make matters worse, they also feel that every time their phone rings and
an unrecognizable number comes up on their home phone or cell phone after
7pm, they tune it out because they know it is a sales call. Pure and

So here's what I propose.

Instead of sending that email blast out or dumping another Facebook post,
why not just call your best customers, league friends and just say HI. Call
from your home or office phone.  No high tech stuff, just a, "how ya doing"
and hope to see you around the bowl soon".

Make 50 or so calls; if no answer, leave the message on the answering
machine if you have to. No sales hype. No offers. No message about a league
officer or team captain meeting.  Just a good old fashioned "HI"

Call your friends and acquaintances... the old fashioned way. Reach out and
touch someone.

I bet they will appreciate it more than you can imagine.

P.S.  The irony of sending this blog out via digital media is too funny to
Laugh. IT cleanses the soul.

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or twitter @fredkap1

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