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Thursday night, 11:40 p.m.

Waiting for red-eye flight back to NYC from Bowl Expo show in Las Vegas where we introduced our new Eyeball 2 Eyeball marketing program to hundreds of bowling proprietors.

It's a new service that lets me stay home and my client (you) get our professional services without having to pick me up at the airport, pay for my hotel or my dinner at Applebees. A video conference consulting program that connects us visually (and aurally) for an hour or two or three. Buy an hour for $188 or 2 hours for $350.

Think of it this way. It's probably cheaper than your attorney or accountant and I guarantee to make you money...just like I have for hundreds of proprietors all over the globe. No long-term contracts; just buy what you want. Okay, that's the end of my "commercial." I will be putting more information up on my website. Or if you want more details, just call me; here's my cell number: 516-359-4874.

Many proprietors, at this Bowl Expo, were bemoaning their open play lineage for June. Some reported business down 20%. Others, 30%. Still others, even worse. What happened?

I think there are several factors.

1. The long wintry weather extended our league seasons, thus creating some bowler fatigue. Not as many winter bowlers wanted to bowl in the summer

2. Surely economic conditions have not helped and a lot of people are just feeling "not in the mood."

3. Moreover, with economic news of falling consumer confidence, rising joblessness rates, stock markets declining, people may feel like they can't "afford" to spend extra income.

4. June is filled with the ending of school, getting kids ready for camps, family outings--especially if the weather is great--and it's a time to stay outdoors.

So now you have heard all of the excuses.

But here's what I think really happened.

1. We didn't prepare well enough for this economic downturn. Oh sure many proprietors cut prices, but I saw very few people adding value to their offers such as:
* Free pizza when you bowl
* Free family bowling when each member pays a $6 entry fee
* Live music tonight during Cosmic bowling
* Mystery score nights where customers can win $100 if they hit the score

2. Who is making sales calls? In the last 45 days, how many people went out and did a sales blitz, where you hit 100 stores, businesses, and organizations, attended a Chamber of Commerce meeting, or sent letters, emails or postcards inviting companies in for parties?

3. Who has developed a fundraiser campaign (in April) to hit all of the fundraising organizations, hospitals, schools and fraternal groups for events in June?

Or maybe we just didn't work as hard or as smart as we could and thought that less expensive pricing would bring people in?

Because if there is one thing June has proven, it is that price cutting, alone, is NOT always the solution.

But that's just my opinion? What's yours?

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