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Reporter wants to connect with proprietors about out-of-the-ordinary events they have held

A service called "Help A Reporter" that connects writers with people who can provide subject matter expertise is asking for bowling center proprietors for info on "Out of the Ordinary" Bowling Center Events.

I just found this and am a day late on the deadline, but might be worth an email from a proprieter who is interested in connecting with a writer and creating a relationship that could lead to publicity (marketing).


Chris Swanson
BMA Marketing
Name: Lin Grensing-Pophal (Bowling Center Management)

Category: Lifestyle and Fitness


Media Outlet: Bowling

Deadline: 07:00 PM EST - 13 April


I'm looking for examples from bowling center proprietors about
fun -- and out-of-the-ordinary -- events they've held in their
centers to attract customers. I will need information on what the
event involved and what made it "different," costs and results.
The more creative, the better.

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