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Steltronic announces interactive game events

Steltronic is pleased to announce interactive game events for the bowling centers with Steltronic Focus scoring. With this hardware device by Steltronic and connected to the Steltronic Vision lane computer, this device has the ability to make certain fun things happen when the bowler has one of these four bowling game events:

• Strikes
• Spares
• Gutter Balls
• Any number of pins knocked down

Lighted Capping

Lighted Capping

For example, when the bowler knocks over “any” bowling pins, you might have a seat rumble device in the bowler seating area that will rumble the seats, or make your lighted capping flashing with a light show. How about the idea of flashing some disco style lights when the player bowls a strike, or a different set of lights for a spare? With the Steltronic Game Event device and your imagination, the possibilities are endless.

“Our goal in the bowling industry is to keep up with the times, and use the most innovative ideas to keep the game interesting”, says Roberto Simeone, president of Steltronic.

The Steltronic Interactive Bowling Game Event hardware will be on display and in use at the upcoming IAAPA trade show. You’ll be amazed at the reaction from the bowlers when they are interacting with their bowling game.

Steltronic and its history in the bowling business:

Headquartered in Brescia-Italy, with offices and warehouses in the United States and throughout the world with many distribution sites, Steltronic has been in business since the 1980’s and continues to be the independent leader in automatic scoring technologies.

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