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If you open up or view lots of Facebook pages from businesses, you kind of
get a feeling that far too many businesses are using Facebook as a
substitute for a direct mail promotion. And that is just one big turnoff to
your “Facebook friends and fans.”
It’s an easy trap to fall into.
People have agreed to “like” you or join your “tribe”, as it is popular to
say.  But just because a person has agreed to be your fan or friend,
doesn’t mean you should only converse with her about what you are selling.
Would you entire conversation with your friends only focus on what you want
your friend to buy from you?   I don’t think you would have a best friend
very long.
Isn’t that the trap of Facebook?
We just sell, sell, sell and our “friends” who eventually say, “Oh that is
so boring, I am outta here” and out goes a prospect.
Instead, tell a story about your center. Tell a story about something funny
that happened at the center. Tell a story about an employee. Give your
center a PERSONALITY.  Become more than a mortar and brick facility that
gives good service.  Big deal.  Everyone says it.  Very few prove it.
Remember when your folks would tell you stories and how you remember them
to this day.  It’s because they told you a story. It became a memorable
impression. Imagine if you can tell a story on your Facebook page in words
and pictures/videos on a consistent basis without selling so hard, but much
more subtly.
Example “tell a birthday story of how Mom’s birthday cake fell while
getting out of her car and how one employee ran to the store to get a
birthday cake that Mom forgot. And oh yes, we would do the same for you”.
Please, it's called social media for a reason.
Good Luck and Good Hunting.

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