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Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. Many of us will be at home with our families basking in the joy of good food, fun and lively conversation intermingled with a healthy dose of football.

The warmth of the home and hearth; a day off from the daily routine and, perhaps, even seeing some old friends we haven't seen in a while will make a day we can well remember.

Wouldn't it be great if our existing customers and new customers feel that kind of feeling every time they come into our bowling and entertainment center?

Start out with a "Welcome to Happy Lanes" sign in your front entrance.

Train your desk people to at least say "Welcome to Happy Lanes, My name is Fred" and ask "Have you been here before?" to any one who comes in.

Then make sure your person shakes hands, smiles and says "Welcome to Happy Lanes, how may I help you today?" or "Welcome back to Happy Lanes, how may I help you today."

Just start with this small step.
And maybe it will start to feel like Thanksgiving day, every day.

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