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A Quack for the Ducks      

            If Randy White is right about duckpins, the game whose range has been confined for 100 years to the Northeastern seaboard will be nesting around the world before long.

            White, principal of White Hutchinson Leisure and Learning Group of Kansas City, MO, is completing a duckpin FEC (157,000 square feet) in Vietnam and is in full design of another near Seattle. He’s talking up the game to his clients around the world.

“Leagues and tournaments had all the priority,” he wrote in a manifesto on duckpin bowling two years ago. “Bowling centers were designed and operated for sport and competitive bowling, not the casual bowling public.” Duckpin is a better fit with today’s bowlers because it’s a more “social” basis for a bowling venue, White believes.

            “Duckpin is so friendly. The ball, women can handle it, men can handle it. It’s just a fun game, [like] bocce ball now becoming popular throughout the country because it’s extremely social and extremely approachable. Tenpin bowling is the most unfriendly type of open play bowling there is.”

For years, duckpin expansion was hobbled by the folding of the companies that manufactured pinsetters for the game. But now, a new machine makes it possible to switch lanes from tenpin to duckpin (and vice versa), and White is finding his clients very receptive to the possibilities.

Could duckpins be the “next big thing”? Don’t miss the rest of the story in November IBI in print.

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