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Driving home Saturday night, one sees all kinds of cars and all kinds of
drivers.  Most go faster than the posted speed limit while less few go
slower, but hardly anyone does the actual speed limit.  Huh? Why not?
What is it about a sign that says “Speed Limit - 55 mph” that we don’t
understand?  And no, it is not regional or even local. It is prevalent in
almost every place I have been and, I say appreciatively, I have been in
all 50 states multiple times and 5 continents.
Is it our need to be ahead of someone else or to pass someone so we somehow
feel a little better, maybe even different, but in a good way? (My daughter
taught me a long time ago that “wanting to be different like everyone else”
was the new normal).  "Hmm," I said :)
The pragmatist would say, “They just want to get where they are going
faster. Don’t read anything into it.” But that would be like running into a
fierce wind; you just don’t get where you need to be. You stop yourself.
So after looking at these two positions, I would continue to want to find
out the "why" of the situation and continue getting to know  more about
what I don't already know.
If you are not doing this, why not try it?
Dig deeper. Listen harder.  And ask better questions.
Your customers will notice and that’s a good thing.  “Customer service,
Shmustomer service”.  If you take no action It’s just words.
Showing your customers you care - that’s the enchilada.
Good luck and good hunting.

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