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The Five Biggest Marketing Myths and How To Avoid Them Like The Plague

After servicing clients from sea to shining sea, here are the top five
marketing myths I have come across in my travels to over hundreds and
hundreds of bowling centers.
So here they are:
Myth 1: Find & Fill a Need
While there has to be a need in order for people to buy into your product
or program, the need alone doesn't guarantee a sale. One of the biggest
factors in people choosing whom they will buy from is the genuine passion
of the person they are speaking to. You have to truly believe in what you
are selling. If you're not bought in, or worse if your staff isn’t ALL IN,
the prospect won't be bought in.
Myth 2: Teach Them about Me and My Business
Your marketing message is not about you or what you do. Your marketing
message is about what your target audience is going through and what they
desire to be or to have, and/or do. What you do, (provide entertainment,
socialization, competition, do something different or just fun). is the
tool to help them achieve what they desire.
As a check, look at your flyers and tell me if your bowling center name is
on the top? Now who is the flyer about?
Myth 3: Get in Front of as Many People as Possible. It's All About the
You can get in front of thousands of people, email all of them, send out a
Facebook post to your friends and fans and not get a single new customer.
It's not about how many people you talk to. It's about talking to the right
people about the right thing. This is why it's so important to define your
target audience + the challenge they are facing and the solution you offer.
Understanding your target will help you describe their world and what they
are experiencing.  What a family wants from the bowling experience and what
a 24 yr old male or female want are two entirely different sets of
expectations. Do you know what they are?
Myth 4: They Need to See the Value
Yes, they need to see the value. But the emphasis should not be on THEY
HAVE TO SEE but rather on WE HAVE TO DEMONSTRATE. It is our job to
demonstrate the value of what we offer and justify the prices we are
Myth 5: The Intention of My Marketing Message is to Get a New Bowler
Many times when I ask my clients what is your intention with this marketing
message, they say to get new bowlers or to retain existing ones.  The
trouble is, a marketing message is meant to be the first step in developing
a relationship. The relationship will end in new business.
There are really two intentions you should focus on when writing your core
marketing message.
The first is what you would like your target audience to get out of it?  Do
you want them to feel understood and heard? Do you want them to know the
possibilities of what might be?
The second is what would you like to get out of your marketing message?  Do
you want them to see you as an entertainment option? Do you want them to
think of you first when they decide they want a fun bowling experience to
make a change? Do you want them to know that you are THE BEST choice?
And how will you demonstrate that? Written or audio or visual
While these are only a few marketing myths out there, they are "the
biggies". Don't fall into the trap of a flat, ineffective marketing
message. Your marketing message is often the first impression people will
receive about you and your bowling center.
And that’s a fact, Jack :)
Good luck and good hunting.

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