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I received several interesting comments from my readers, in the past few
days, focusing on an element of Cosmic bowling I neglected to mention.

From Max Cook Pasco, WA, "a lot of centers all over the country do not
have all the fixtures working. It's not a cosmic show without the lights. ALL
lights have to be working or replaced. An investment of 1 or 2 new
fixtures a month or every other month prevents a massive overhaul expense."

From CJ Fox out of Newton, IA, "Move your old lights around. Get some new
LED lights which will save you gads of energy costs."

From a Bowling Proprietor in Madrid, Spain, "It is of the utmost
importance that our cosmic show be first class ALL THE TIME. Customers simply won't
tolerate broken fixtures or dirty setees. We must be perfect."

Now for today's topic: The Millenials.

Who is this group and how will they affect your business?

For one there are 82 million Americans born between 1979 and 1999 (22 to
33 yr. olds and 1 out of 4 Americans); the biggest generation since the Baby
Boomers (72 million)

As consumers, they want mostly to have a company build a relationship with
them rather than sell them.

Consider the kinds of emails, Facebook messages and tweets you send out to
them. If you're only sending "an offer" every time you communicate with them,
you are turning them off. Big time.

Instead engage them in contests, give them information and tell them what
other Millennials are saying about your center. Just don't sell; TELL A STORY!

As employees, they expect to be heard and to have their opinions listened
to. Expect them to question authority and ask "why" very often.

According to Cathy O'Neill, senior vice president at career management
company Lee, Hecht and Harrison in Woodcliff Lake, N.J, "The Millennium
Generation has been brought up in the most child-centered generation ever.
They've been programmed and nurtured. Their expectations are different.
The millennial expects to be told how they're doing."

Give them plenty of feedback and plenty of constructive criticism, if that's what is needed.

More importantly, the Millenia worker wants a real life balance; wants
flexibility in scheduling hours and finds it normal to text, scroll the
Internet and talk on the phone with a friend or family member at the same

This tech savvy generation doesn't just want it all...rather, this
generation wants it all on THEIR terms.

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